Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lernstift – a Pen That Warns for Mistakes

Lernstift is a digital pen  
that recognizes writing errors and points them out with a subtle vibration – like a friend looking you over the shoulder as you write. Lernstift works fully autonomous – without further external devices or special paper.

Two central functions

Learning to write bears two main challenges: writing legibly and writing correctly. Lernstift helps with both – from legibly writing one's very first letters down to the correct spelling of exotic fruits on your shopping list.

Calligraphy mode

In Calligraphy Mode the pen vibrates once if a letter is written wrong or illegibly.

Orthography mode

In Orthography Mode the pen vibrates once for a misspelled word and twice to point out grammatical errors in a sentence.

Lernstift Apps

Lernstift is an innovative learning aid for kids and adults.
The sophisticated electronics recognize all writing movements and points out mistakes as they are being made – with an unmistakeable vibration.

Via Wi-Fi the pen can be connected to computers and smart devices. With the help of apps one can measure the learning progress. A broad range of other apps will be developed – from interactive learning games to digital note-taking and co-writing solutions all the way down to social media sharing and an own Lernstift community.

Learning success measurement


Live monitoring


Document creation




Further Features

Unlike other digital pens Lernstift is truly multifaceted – in both the visual and functional design.

Exchangeable writing tips: pencil, fountain pen, ballpoint

Austauschbare Schreib-Systeme! Füllhalter, Bleistift und Rollerball
With its exhangeable writing system the pen can be easily turned into a pencil, fountain pen or ballpoint.

Color variants for girls and boys, mothers and fathers

Farbvariationen für Mädchen und Jungen, Väter und Mütter
Boys will be boys and most girls do have a feminine style most of the time; that's why Lernstift will be available in respective colors.

Language versions

Upon launch, Lernstift will be available in English and German. Step by step we will then introduce further languages; depending on the demand.

The future of penmanship

A perfectly easy way to learn to write perfectly

For centuries mankind has been learning to write. All this time, we have depended on someone looking over our shoulder as we write, or correcting spelling, grammar and form afterwards.
In the future we can get our feedback another way – and more importantly: instantly! With Lernstift. It combines a time-tested writing utensil with state of the art technology and thereby gives writing by hand new relevance and appeal in the age of the iPad.
The integrated electronics recognize mistakes as they are being made and give the writer feedback by vibrating. In other words:
Lernstift is a great way to learn how to write faster. And what’s more: Lernstift is great fun, too!
Lernstift – a Pen That Warns for Mistakes
Lernstift – a Pen That Warns for Mistakes
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