Friday, 2 August 2013

World first jetpack

The Martin Jetpack

We would like to introduce New
Zealand's Martin Aircraft.
The Martin Jetpack is the world's first
piloted jetpack that can reach an
altitude of 5000 feet. The engine
consist of gasoline powered twin
ducted fans which thrust the pilot in
a vertical takeoff and landing, and
enable sustained flight.
Said to be very easy to fly, and has
an automatic hovering button.
To Glenn Martin, safety is very
important. The engine is being
designed to an aviation industry
standard. and to protect the pilot,
the Martin Aircraft Company included
a ballistic parachute and crumple
Watch the jetpack take flight
Martin Jetpack video
There is also an unmanned version
that has pushed the jetpack to even
further milestones.
-AR m

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