Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Spaceport America is the first spaceport in the world

Spaceport America is the first
spaceport in the world built-from-
the-ground-up to host private
enterprise, intended to be the
launch-pad of the global commercial
spaceflight industry and the second
space age. The $209 million project
has attracted worldwide attention
because of its bold premise, stunning
architecture and the fact that it is
home to the world's first commercial
passenger spaceline company, Sir
Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.
Designed, built and operated by the
New Mexico Spaceport Authority
(NMSA), Spaceport America is nearing
completion of the first phase of
construction, which includes basic
operational infrastructure such as an
airfield, launch pads, terminal /
hangar facility, emergency response
capabilities, utilities and roadways.
The site will be capable of
accommodating the activities of both
vertical and horizontal takeoff space
launch vehicles, serving as the base
for pre-flight and post-flight
activities, and providing a tourism
experience for interested visitors and
spectators. The spaceport also
presents a unique opportunity to
excite students regarding space
technology and the underlying
science and mathematics.

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