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Vedic science Electricity in the Vedic literature

Vedic science Electricity in the Vedic literature
Author : Mr Pralhadswarup Arya

The Veds are a limitless store of true knowledge and skills. A very comprehensive, wide and huge store of the Vedic literature existed in India, but it was destroyed by foreign aggressors and thus was lost, even then, a lot of it was protected by great Rishis. It is only because of this that today we can enjoy peace sitting under this great tree of knowledge and study and use this great divine knowledge store. Of course it is replete with Vedic Mantras, but apart from being spiritual and philosophical, it is also full of many physical sciences and knowledge. Man needs various things and articles every step of his life, and so, they exhibit all sources of physical knowledge. It is said in the Veds themselves: O human! Know about all those things and substances in numerous forms present in all the Loks and in the skies and water and the earth with the help of knowledge. (Rig. 5-52-7).

�In the present times, electricity has gained a special importance in our everyday life, which does not need to be explained. It is working in all its forms from the smallest to the largest. It is a great source of energy. Fire, the sun, winds, water, all these are sources for producing electricity. But mostly, it is produced by basically using some kind of rubbing system. Westerners are given the credit for discoveries and inventions in modern times. The intellectual development of our life was completely blocked because for a very long time, we were an occupied nation by some foreign power or the other. And a subjugated people can’t have the liberty of even dreaming. Very slowly but surely, we were made to forget our glorious past and history, including the Vedic knowledge. Now that the shackles are broken, we can once again study and teach and learn our ancient Veds. The God has brought to light all those things which will help man’s wellbeing in the Veds. Electricity is needed in life as much as all the other things, which is why The Veds contain knowledge about it, so that man can lead his life without problems.

�Fire is its original form. The Sun is its ultimate form. Water produces it. (Taitiriya A. 7-3-2, Taitiriya U. 1-3-2). The electricity resides in the sun. (Taitiriya A.1-9-2) Thus, a number of sources for generation of electricity are explained. Fire, sun as well as water are considered as sources of electricity. Today, all the three sources are used to produce a huge amount electricity. Though the use of the sun is relatively new and to a much lesser extent, in the future, it will be possible to generate sufficient electricity from the solar power. Electricity is an atomic process. And so, as newer and newer substances are discovered which produce electricity, more and more electricity will be generated with atomic fission with the help of more and more modern machinery. Through these articles, we are trying to attract the attention of Indian people towards the Vedic literature destroyed by foreign powers in the past, so that you may read the glorious past of India, understand it and progress, and be experts in the ancient astrology and mathematics and sciences, so that India will earn its rightful place as the Guru of the world.

�The aeronautical science by Bharadwaj Rishi included a number of machines and systems which ran on electricity. Even the television is described clearly in it. Combining spirituality and philosophy with science, let us make our coming generations capable of spreading this divine knowledge from the Veds all over the world. Electricity is going to be a perpetual subject. Our effort here is to find what knowledge is available in the Veds, and where. We consider it our prime duty to explain about electricity on the basis of the Veds.
�(Rig. 1.32.13). To begin with, there is the description electricity which forms in the clouds in the form of lightning. Though it has tremendous power, it does not interfere with the solar power. However, Lord Indra can vanquish Vritra with the help of lightning.
�(Rig. 1.23.12). We get electricity which emits blinding light, which we use for all kinds of tasks. Together with electricity, winds also bring us happiness.

�(Rig. 1.6.5). This Mantra describes generation of electricity with the help of machines run on wind power. Electricity can be easily produced where winds are strong. (Rig. 1.64.9) This Mantra instructs about use of electricity in aeroplanes. It also describes land vehicles driven with electrical power.

�(Rig. 8.64.29). Many kinds of jobs are performed with the help of electricity, using attraction, retraction, vaporization, freezing, air circulation, as well as generation of new substances. The universal cycle runs because the Almighty has kept the atoms and molecules moving. Electricity presents itself on the earth so that man can perform all kinds of useful tasks with its help.

�(Rig. 1.168.8). When rains pour down on the earth from clouds, water in rivers gets agitated. Generation of electricity with the help of this agitated water brings smiles all around, meaning that the earth gets lighted up with lights run on electricity. God, you are great! What extraordinary knowledge you have provided in the Veds!.
�(Rig. 3.1.14). Intelligent people combine life and soul. Similarly, electricity and fire are combined on the earth, and this knowledge is worth attaining for getting our wishes fulfilled. (Rig. 5.52.6). Wise and learned persons should attain enlightenment of knowledge about electricity etc, just as the armed forces bring lights into the life of people by protecting the nation.
�(Rig. 5.54.11). This Mantra describes the equipment soldiers should carry. They must have sufficient arms, food, high quality airplanes, glinting armors to guard their bodies, helmets to protect their heads, powerful electrical rays that can destroy the enemy planes. This clearly means that there is a description of power electrical beams of waves or rays to be used by armed forces in the Veds.

�(Rig. 5.86.3). This Mantra advices kings and emperors that just as the sun uses its powerful rays to destroy clouds and causes rains on the earth which brings happiness to the people, the kings and emperors too should use the power of electricity to destroy enemies and bring happiness to their subjects.

�(Rig. 5.87.10). This Mantra describes that we can clearly listen to our speech elsewhere, with the help of vibration of electrical waves.

�All these Mantras describe the electrical science in the Mantras. Today, foreigners are making money very small gadgets with the help of electrical shells (cells). We are as yet behind in this race of science, but we can safely assume that we can attain our rightful place at the top in the field of science and knowledge, on the basis of our glorious past.

�(Yaju. 32.2) This is a Mantra from the Yajurved. Physically, electricity generated is intended for the betterment and benefit of mankind, but it depends on man’s tendencies whether to use it constructively or destructively. The Almighty is seen in the form of electricity. It (He) creates the cycle of time. It cannot be captured in physical form anywhere. Thus, all good work can be performed only because of the might of the Almighty (electricity).

�So, dear readers, go on enjoying the Veds which are the divine statements, learn all their knowledge whether physical or spiritual, and use it for your own good, as well as for the common good. If the Indians continue with reading, learning and teaching the Veds, we certainly will reestablish our ancient glory. May the God continue giving you His love and affection.
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