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Finger Monkeys Crumb-marmoset

Finger Monkeys Crumb-marmoset. Dwarfish marmosets -smallest of the monkeys

Finger Monkeys Crumb-marmoset monkey . Dwarfish marmosets -smallest of the monkeys
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pic of Finger monkey pet on human hand
Finger monkey pet on human hand
Finger monkey are not dangerous when it siting on human hand
 picture 1 of finger monkey
Finger Monkeys
Dwarfish capuchin monkey marmoset and flower Gerbers in the center in the center of rescuing and rehabilitation of primates in Santiago, Chile. Februar 2010
 picture 2 Finger Monkey on Jungle Tree

 Finger Monkeys Picture 3 of (Finger Monkey  Eating )
Finger Monkeys

Dwarfish capuchin monkey marmosets or finger monkeys , they Callithrix of pygmaea - smallest of the kind of marmosets, most elegant of all present monkeys, and some of the smallest representatives of the force of primates as a whole.
picture 4 crumbing finger monkeys
Finger Monkeys
 Finger Monkeys have are called so because of their length .The length of the body of dwarfish marmosets is from eleven to sixteen centimeters, without considering the fifteen- twenty-centimeter downy tail, which helps these Finger Monkeys pets to retain equilibrium and to change direction of motion with the leaps from the branch to the branch, but the seizing function as in some other their fellows, it does not carry out.
Finger Monkeys
Finger monkeys wich are marmosets  are highly social animals ( Finger monkeys pic 5)
The weight of the man individuals Of callithrix of pygmaea reaches 140 g, female - hardly it suffices until 110. For their touching appearance and far from imposing overall sizes these monkeys obtained in the different countries the mass of the amusing nicknames: small monkey in the small packet - mono de of bolsillo, Finger Monkeys Crumb - leoncito, Finger Monkeys Crumb-marmoset marmuzetks - marmoset, marmoset- pygmies and other. In wild nature dwarfish marmosets live in the pond of Amazon, in the western part of Brazil, in South Columbia, Ecuador, the northern regions of Peru, also, in the north- West of Bolivia.
Finger monkey Picture 6

Finger Monkeys
Hairy capuchin monkey Finger Monkey picture.
Finger Monkeys prefer to settle on the edges of rain scaffolding with the thick underbrush, on the banks of rivers and in the heated by seasonal seasonal floods jungle. The large part of the life of Finger Monkeys Crumb-marmoset marmuzetks is carried out on the trees, but they sometimes get down to the earth. The smallest of the monkeys are active in morning and post-meridian time.
Eating ananas Finger Monkey picture

Finger Monkeys
Finger monkey picture 7
They are moved on four paws, including on the vertical branches and know how to jump up to the distance to five meters. Their front extremities are shorter than their rear and they frequently feed, having been solidly fastened to the stem or the branch with their sharp claws, which are located on all fingers except the thumb on the foot, which is closed with flat nail. The food of micro-primates consists of the wood juices and gum, for which they Finger Monkeys crust by their sharp cutters.

Finger Monkey Picture 8

Finger Monkeys

Sometimes Finger Monkeys diversify their menu also by insects, by spiders, by lizards, by snails or by fruits. However, in the zoos of marmosets to everything they feed up by larvas, grapes, oranges, apples, bananas, pea, cauliflower and syrup. Furthermore, to them sometimes give boiled eggs, yogurt, meat, fish and Fig. according to some sources, Finger Monkeys Crumb-marmoset (marmuzetks) conduct a monogamic way of life, although other researchers assert that the females are paired with several males. After the pregnancy, which is lasted to 150 days, to the light appear, as a rule, two young.

Finger Monkeys

Finger Monkey picure 9
Father and other males from the group help during training of posterity, they bear them on the spins and bring to mother for the feeding by milk. At the age of two years young dwarfish marmosets become mature. The largest lifetime of Finger Monkeys, noted in these beasts in wild nature, was 11 years. In the zoos and the special nurseries of marmoset (Finger Monkeys)  they can live also until the eighteen. Live crumb- Finger Monkeys (marmosets) in the ancestral groups, which consist of several generations. They are very mobile and sociable, and are used many methods of communication - be it mimicry, complex musical trills, twitter, exclamations, shrill howls and supersonic cry, which expresses hostility, which, to the happiness is not received by human ear. Marmosets - although attractive, it is far from easily accessible output for the predators: their Finger Monkeys camouflage Finger Monkeys okras  and quick motions make with their too inconvenient a dainty. Main threat to the survival of the smallest capuchin   monkeys  ( Finger monkeys ) - destruction of the places of inhabiting and trade by animals. A constant cutting down of tropical forests and demand on exotic primates imperils extinction this well adapted earlier to the cohabitation with the man form. Today in the zoos of peace live more than five hundred dwarfish marmosets.

Finger Monkeys
Pocket Finger Monkey  (Picture 10 of Finger Monkeys)
In this case because of their small size, mobility and disguising painting, to compute a quantity of dwarfish marmosets, that live in wild nature, until it is possible. Reporting from the life of the smallest monkeys - in the Finger Monkeys photo-gallery
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