Monday, 11 March 2013



Christopher Latta’s ZIV or Zero Impact Vehicle is a futuristic vehicle specially designed to be an environment friendly car. The ZIV two wheeler is powered by hydrogen-fueled cells and is equipped with a motionless rim that controls all propulsion and breaking functions.

The same way a maglev trail flies down its tracks, the tires of the ZiV propel its occupants to their next destination. Designed by Chris Latta, the Zero impact Vehicle (ZiV) is just that, zero impact means no environmental emissions. The only emission is water from the system’s super efficient hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell generates the power needed to control both the levitation magnets and the propulsion magnets. Levitation magnets hold the tire floating free, only millimeters from the stationary rim while propulsion magnets control the movements of the tire, acceleration and braking.

With all turning controlled by the propulsion magnets, the rims don’t have to move for correcting direction; the tire on one side merely slows down allowing the vehicle to turn. The magnets reverse polarity and bring the tire to a gentle, controlled stop in the event of braking. The interior has enough room to seat two for comfortable trips to the store or a short weekend trip to the beach. Driven with two joysticks like a skid steer or bobcat, the ZiV is nimble and easily controlled. With its compact size, no moving parts and no emissions, the ZiV really is the next step in urban travel.

The two-seater ZIV or Zero Impact Vehicle concept has been designed to offer a greener life style for busy urban environment by using recycled or reclaimed materials only. This futuristicvehicle is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that generates water only as the final mechanical waste that can be collected in a holding tank for later use. The motionless rim design makes thevehicle unique where the tire travels around the rim by utilizing maglev train like magnets that controls all propulsion and braking functions. Being placed right under the time, the levitation magnets act as shock absorbers too. Balance on rough terrain is achieved through more powers on the magnets by the fuel cell and zero radius turning can be done with ZIV because of its two tires design, making it easier to park and navigate on busy city streets.
Another feature of Zero Impact Vehicle is the reuse of the waste that can be stored in a tank. The ZIV has an interesting design that makes it easier to navigate and park.

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